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We've collaborated with Sabih Kalidy on projects in the real estate and energy sectors. I can tell you that he demands a high ethical standard for himself and his colleagues. He is fair with people and goes out of his way to show his customers how important their happiness is to him. As many will tell you, Sabih loves building relationships. Whether he's in line for lunch or at a social he is always greeted by someone he knows or succeeds in making a new friend.

Sabih already had a team in place to manage updating the status of homes on the website and social media. Our goal was to boost the effectiveness of online marketing for Kalidy Homes. We achieved this by revising the strategy and educating their team. We helped them to understand why they should provide a more interesting mix of content to their fans. They now have a more vibrant online presence while still driving the home buying process. To date, their Facebook followers have doubled and their reach is up over 1,000 percent.

In addition, we changed how they were managing email marketing. The early result is an email distribution list that has grown over 500 percent. We currently design and send weekly newsletters to their prospects and fans. The open rate and interactions are well above the industry norm.

We also created a blog to provide a landing page outside of social media for their content to live. The majority of the content is curated by the internal staff. On occasion, however, we'll provide a unique addition.

Much of the marketing material is bilingual. Some content is unique to the Hispanic community. A deficiency we fixed was the usability of their online rent to own application. It is now 100% mobile friendly and available in Spanish. The number of online applications completed daily is now at an all-time high.

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It's hard to write about someone like Tim. He is a person that exceeds any expectations. Tim is ethical, loyal, creative and out of the box. I am very fortunate to truly claim him as a leader of Kalidy homes. Tim is a true asset to our company. Tim is known to put 110% in everything he does. Tim you are simply amazing!

- Sabih
Kalidy Homes