Professional email address? The revealing truth you need to know.

Professional email address? The revealing truth you need to know.

There are many small business owners that office out of a spare bedroom in their home. Maybe you can count yourself among them. The question is, when it's time to meet with a new prospect, do you invite them over to your home? Chances are you do everything you can to meet at another location. Do you volunteer to drive across town to their office? Maybe you spend so much time in coffee shops that the staff starts feeling more like co-workers.

Whatever you choose as your redirection, most small business owners I have talked with agree. They feel unprofessional inviting business into their personal space. Yet I see so many businesses make the mistake of using their personal email for professional use.

Employee Email

Professional email isn't just for business owners. It's important that you encourage, maybe enforce usage of business email by your employees. It not only maintains your company's positive image, but protects you from unnecessary risk.

From a marketing perspective, you should create a standard signature for all employees. Include your website, social media accounts and branding. If your employees market using their own accounts, such as LinkedIn you might allow that as well.

Example of a signature used in a professional email. Here's my signature as an example what you can design. Be creative and make it your own!

Alias Accounts

Alias accounts are where business email meets workflow nirvana. An alias allows you to receive email at one address and then have it delivered to one or more people.

For instance a simple makes for easy company-wide email distribution. Simply add everyone's business email to the list.

Using email addresses for departments such as accounting, ensure important emails always get delivered. Turnover or absences in critical positions will carry less impact on daily operations.

Other addresses such as info or no-reply allow you to easily manage the flow of information.

Advantages Over Personal Email

Having a proper business email system in place has many advantages over personal email:

Inbox Friendly

Email sent from free service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL can sometimes get flagged as spam. The reason is much of the email spam on the Internet comes through free service providers.

Email from a registered domain name is much less likely to get flagged as spam. Also, newsletters and other email marketing will have a higher delivery rate.


Professional email systems enable you to manage the communication of your employees from a central dashboard. It's easy to add or remove users and to change what they have access to.

Some systems include email along with a suite of other services. Business Catalyst by Adobe includes Web Hosting, Newsletter Marketing, Blogging with Email and much more. Google's new G-Suite is another good option with tons of online storage, office programs and business class email and add-ons.

Brand Friendly

Dedicated email for your business gives you the ability to constantly promote your brand throughout the sales cycle.

Add email signatures so that people can connect with you on social media. Be sure to include any special licenses, awards or other proof that reinforces your status as a professional. As with all branding, be consistent - even with email signatures!

Final Thoughts

They truth is, professional email reinforces the reason prospects wanted to contact you in the first place. It enhances communication both internally and with the outside world. Once in place, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.

Are you not sure how to get started setting up professional email? We can help! Give us a call at 405-456-9393.

Tim Warner

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